Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Deconstructing the Hackett Betrayal

I've been following the OH Senate race for some time now. Back in November, I met Paul Hackett in San Francisco when he was making a fund-raising tour of California. He gave a firey stump speech and displayed all the charisma and energy you've no doubt read about despite that when I saw him it was at the end of a very long day spent wooing supporters across the state. I remember his "realness" and thinking at the time that Hackett might have a shot at becoming our president one day.

I have been talking with Mr. Dem in the last week or two about how I saw this race in Ohio as a bellwether for the direction of the Dem Party. Typically, he thought I was being overly dramatic. Yesterday, with the announcement of Hackett's forced withdrawal from the senate race, I saw the direction of the Dem Party and it's grim.

Here are some well thought out posts about the possible meaning of this view into democratic party political sausage-making:
Lance Mannion; Down with Tyranny; DFA Jim Dean; Psychobilly Democrat; Intelligent Discontent; truthout; and Paul Hackett's Table for One Commentary: Bring Them Home.

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