Sunday, January 29, 2006

May the Truth Prevail

A local newspaper in Doolittle's district has published an interesting article today about a letter sent from Doolittle to his list of supporters. He's seeking to raise $100,000 in January for his campaign war chest. I would have liked to have been there when some of these letters were opened. I can't imagine there are too many people eager to mix their money in with Abramobb's and Wilkes.

What I found most interesting in this article are the quotes by two of Doolittle's challengers: Lisa Rea (D) and Mike Holmes (R).

Lisa Rea, a Lincoln resident who is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Doolittle in November, said developments in recent months indicate the need for a change.

"It shows we need clean candidates," Rea said. "There's apparently a pay-to-play government on Capitol Hill."

Rea added that Doolittle's is attacking the extreme left-wing without realizing that voters in his district are not extremists. Instead, they're concerned with a massive deficit and their own needs, she said.

"He's demonstrating that he's out of touch with his district and the needs of the common working man and woman," Rea said.
Holmes, Auburn's mayor, said Saturday that the letter indicates Doolittle is beginning to panic under the onslaught of national media coverage over campaign contributions and lobbying activity that has put the Roseville Republican in the uncomfortable glare of the spotlight. Holmes said he wasn't recruited by McCloskey and as a loyal Republican doesn't want to see District 4 in Democrat hands after November - just represented by a different Republican.

"His insinuation that I'm a liberal who is attempting to take control of Congress away from the Republican Party is nonsense," Holmes said. "Mr. Doolittle wants to blame others for the problems he's in and it's very convenient to blame the so-called liberal press and others. In actuality, the problems he's facing as far as ethics and whether money was properly given to him is caused by himself."
Auburn Journal article: Doolittle Lashes Out as Queries Mount.

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