Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Doolittle Owes Us a Real Explanation

Andy Furillo has added to his article about Doolittle's pre-taped interview on a conservative AM talk show that was broadcast yesterday. Here's how Doolittle's Republican primary challenger, Mike Holmes responded:

Mike Holmes, the Auburn mayor who is running against Doolittle in the Republican primary in June, called the interview that aired Monday "another Doolittle attempt to manipulate the media." He noted that Sullivan said on the air last week that he gave Doolittle the chance to kill the interview if he didn't like it.

"I didn't learn a whole lot new," Holmes said. "But Doolittle seemed to be defiant, and he showed no contrition for what has taken place. He still believes that everything he's done is legal, which may be true, but even if what has taken place is legal, there still are some ethical questions that need to be raised."

Ethical questions need to be raised and answered honestly and directly from Doolittle himself.

Here's an Op Ed piece Doolittle Has Some Explaining To Do from one of Doolittle's constituents calling him out for cowardice in his avoidance of both media and voters.

This story is gaining national attention: CBS News.

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