Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Holidays are Here & We're Still at War

This morning I woke up to NPR and heard that two US soldiers/pilots had been shot down or crashed in Iraq. Friends have a son that is serving his third rotation in Iraq. I was worried, but also ashamed to be thinking "I hope it's not ___. Please don't let it be ____." Ashamed because someone's heart was going to be broken. Every single death in this war is a tragedy.

So, I hear this song on my way home on this rainy night driving past all the Christmas lights. Perfect.

Brett Dennen's song:

The Holidays are Here & We're Still at War MP3

Smoggy skies and fixed elections / Injustice strikes from all directions
People with their backs against the floor / Looking for someone to set us free
A king with fists like Mohammad Ali
The holidays are here and we’re still at war

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