Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging

I'm cat blogging today as an antidote to Lance Manion's existential crisis. Why think about the meaning of life or why we're alive when you can talk about your cat? This is what will save you from madness in the long run.

Riley feels every emotion a little too strongly. When he gets ticked off, he goes straight to enraged. Pet Cemetary eyes as he looks for the best place to sink his teeth. And, then there's lovey-dovey Riley. He *must* arrange his big body on my lap NO MATTER WHAT. You can see he's 'big-boned' by how he sinks into the chair cushion in the photo.

One of Riley's favorite places to sit or stand? In front of the computer screen, of course. And, depending on his mood, there are specific strategies that have to be employed to get him to move. Hence, the green throw on the back of the chair. He loves this throw and so placing it where he can still monitor my use of the computer has worked out very well.

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