Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Fighting Dem

I had the opportunity to meet Paul Hackett a couple nights ago. He was doing what many candidates from other states do: seeking the great ATM that is known as "blue California." My general impression of Hackett is that David Goodman's article "The Ohio Insurgency: the Democrat Who Fought" is an amazingly accurate portrayal of this man's intensity, charisma and intellect. I can understand why Republicans would be scared to death of him but the unfortunate thing is that some in the Democratic establishment appear to find Hackett threatening.

One of the things that struck me in his stump speech (and there were quite a few) was his proclaimation near the beginning: "I'm a Democrat and proud of it." If anyone might have some disappointments with the party at large, seems it would be Hackett. Instead, he has the character and wisdom to realize that many of us Dems are thrilled about his influence on our party's direction.

My only instance of disappointment with Hackett's appearance was his answer to a question about voting fraud in Ohio. He basically laughed it off saying he was often asked about this in CA but rarely in Ohio. He said he personally can't be involved in the movement to research and rectify Ohio voting irregularities but trusts that there are good people doing this. If I lived in Ohio, he would have my vote, but I'd be worried that it would not be counted correctly or counted at all. Paul said a couple times, "as things go in Ohio, so goes the nation." True. That's why step one in taking back this country from the most corrupt regime in our time, is to ensure fair voting exists in the state of Ohio.

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