Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Mysteries of the Trail

This sign was posted at the entrance of the trail I walk 4 to 6 miles on each day. The tarantula was spotted on this trail. It's custom to place found objects on top of posts and usually these are baby toys, shoes and socks that have been secretly liberated out of strollers. This sign signals weirdness. First, how do you lose an upper set of dentures on a walking/biking trail? And, the sign itself is strange but in a way I appreciate. It's the stickers. Especially the Goofy sticker. Goofy is smiling broadly and looks as if he's missing his upper set of dentures but is otherwise dandy.

This is just one more reason why I love where I live. It's quirky here. Sort of like the northern California version of "Northern Exposure." One of these days I'll post about the drive-thru shoe repair shop on Main Street.

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