Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging: Riley's Debut

Riley's interests include flower arranging (he is shown in a double tuck after 'arranging' the flowers in the vase until they were suitable), eating, watching birds, lizards, wild turkey & squirrels, napping, playing and film review. Strangely, he's not at all interested in politics.

We saw a great film last night with a performance worthy of mention. If you've seen "Broken Flowers" no doubt you'll recall the character of "Ramon." It takes a talented kitty to steal a scene from Jessica Lange and Bill Murray, and this handsome tabby makes it look easy.


ConcernedObserver said...

Riley is a very smart cat. He won't get bent out of shape over politics as so many of us do. Perhaps that is why they say cats have nine lives .. do you think ? I am also extremely pleased that he only 'watches' birds.. my 6 canaries would also find that very pleasant news!


Anonymous said...

Riley looks like he is sitting there thinking.
We have 2 cats(both adopted from the shelters-one a white albino,one calico), and they know who rules the house.

And the little one sure has his nine lives. He has used up at least 3 of them, but thats another story.

Riley is smart to stay out of politics. Much easier on the blood pressure.

They said in the tsunami, the vast majority of animals took off before it came.(I guess except for the ones locked in houses)They are smarter sometimes than we are.


cali said...

One thing that was interesting about seeing this film was the audience. Some were there to see the latest Jim Jarmusch film and others were there to see a Bill Murray movie (think Caddyshack or Groundhog's Day). Pretty strange mix.

cali said...

g4a -

Ever notice how sometimes cats will just all of a sudden stare intently at something visible only to them?

Ghosts? Space aliens? ~ cali

cali said...

Turns out Riley is not alone in his appreciation of felines in film. Check this out:

Anonymous said...

Oh beastly brutes with mouths a drooling
Just who is it you think you're fooling?
With balelful eyes and tales a wagging
You're man's best friend? Oh, quit the bragging
So what, you like to bring back stuff
Or guard the house -- you think you're tough
But though you are so widely feared
It's cats, you see, who are revered
We're sleek and stylish masterpieces
Classic lines with silky fleeces
Our voices like an angel's chorus
So why is it that you abhor us?
C'mon canine, please just tell us
I think you are simply jealous
For all the world is surely smitten
Yes, with each and ever kitten
Look at my face -- see how I'm smily?
You would be too, if you were Riley!

cali said...

Ah, one told me about this perk of blogging. purrrrrr...